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ica_rus's Journal

23 December 1988
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His pride and courage lifted him into the Heavens;

Then his wings melted, and he plunged into the all-encompassing sea.

18th century, 1920's fashion, 19th century, abandoned places, abnormal psychology, adventures, aeon flux, alan moore, aldous huxley, alternate realities, anarchist literature, ancient civilizations, ancient mesoamerica, ancient mesopotamia, androgyny, animation, anime & manga, anthropology, antiquated speech, archaeology, arched eyebrows, archetypes, arkham asylum, art deco, art history, atheism, atlantis, autumn, awkward situations, ayami kojima, baroque era, batman, benevolence, breakbeat, brilliant colors, carl sagan, classic horror, classic nickelodeon, conan o'brien, costuming, cyberpunk, cynicism, damsels in distress, david cronenberg, dib, disney, dr. jonathan crane, drawing, dressing up, eccentricities, education, edvard munch, effeminate men, electronica, elegant gothic aristocrat, eschatology, eternal darkness: sanity's requiem, ethereal women, evolution, exotic cultures, experimentation, exploring, expressionism, fashion, fear, felines, femininity, film, film studies, garth nix, genetics, glasses, gothic architecture, grant morrison, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, hair dye, han hoogerbrugge, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heretics, iconoclasm, introspection, invader zim, irvine welsh, japanese street fashion, jhonen vasquez, legend of zelda, liberals, libraries, literature, luls, masaaki yuasa, mental awareness, metaphors, metrosexuality, moths, museums, neuroscience, nonsensical humor, nostalgia, orchestrations, outcasts, paranormality, perverse thoughts, philip k. dick, plants, politics, psychological disorders, psychology, rainfall, raving, resident evil, revolutionaries, rococo, romanticism, ryuutarou arimura, salvador dali, science, severus snape, sexual freedom, sexuality, shamanism, silent film era, silent hill, socialism, stanley kubrick, steampunk, stimulants, studio 4°c, surrealism, tea, the ring virus, theoretical physics, tim burton, tragedies, transgenderism, truth, unconventionality, unnatural beauty, victorian era, videography, virtual reality, visual kei, vivid imaginations, world war i, writing, zdzisław beksiński, zombie survival